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Moved By Love Foundation Requirements
Moved By Love Eligibility & Requirements:
  • Applicant must be a full or part time family caregiver
  • Applicant’s income must not exceed $60,000
  • Applicant must be able to physically and mentally care for their own personal and financial needs
  • Applicant must complete an application for assistance
  • Applicant must provide a photo ID
  • Applicant must provide proof of income (pay stub, employment letter, etc.)
  • Applicant must provide a letter from doctor/nurse explaining family member disability and why they need a caregiver
  • Applicant must show a need for financial assistance (utility payment, groceries, etc.) and provide proof of need
  • Applicant can apply twice per year.
General Information about the program:
  • Financial assistance ranges from $50 to $600
  • Financial assistance cannot be awarded to an individual but only for the services or items needed to help the applicant (i.e. food, carfare, utility bill, etc.)
  • Each application will be reviewed by the Moved By Love Foundation and validated
  • The Moved By Love Foundation will make a final decision in a timely manner
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